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Ask Marisa

We LOVE getting your questions. It helps us get to know you better and therefore meet more of your needs. Here you can ask more in depth questions using in the form found below⬇️,
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Do the straps of the dancewear stay on well ?

For me, the placement of the straps on the body is paramount. When straps are placed in too close at the neck it closes in your line and makes it look like your shoulders are scrunched!

Why don't the straps have elastic ?
Because we use high end fabrics with a lot of stretch, we don’t need elastic. We spend a lot of time in the design process trying to find a length that will fit most bodies. In addition when you wash and dry your garment, the stretch is revived and ready for action.
What is the purpose of the raw edge on some of your straps ?
I’ll be completely transparent here. When I first started designing my line, I only had one machine, an industrial serger. It could make one stitch. So since I wanted a flat strap that wouldn’t dig in, this was the design element that I chose. Later as our brand has grown, we have many different choices of machinery, but I’m still loyal to my early roots. These straps are the softest and most forgiving ones and available in styles 101E, 201E, 301E, 401E 203, and 204.
Do I need to wear a bra with it?
A customer recently wrote, ” I wear 36B bra so I need a little more support. Wondering if the mesh insert is enough support?” So I’m a 34 B and I don’t wear an additional bra with my items, but if I were a little more endowed, I probably would. There are certain styles like 311E204, and 116 which might be better for a fuller bosom.
Can you show me a closeup photo of that?
Have you ever created a website? I mean it’s a BEAST! We always miss something that should be included to help to find what you’re looking for. So let us know, and we will respond ASAP with a better photo showing color nuances, texture subtleties.
Can I buy an item for a friend and be sure she doesn't see the price?
Absolutely. We can even gift wrap for you and send a personalized note.

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