We value our clients and love to hear their feedback of SteelCore Studio sessions!


I met Marisa in 2016.  I had never taken pilates before.  I thought I was strong...I lifted weights for many years.  Come to find out I had a very weak core. Marisa was a professional ballerina for NYCB and trained under Balanchine! I never thought ballerinas were that strong! So began the hard work. Almost 5 years later, Marisa has discovered many of my physical weaknesses and with a keen eye is able to devise an exercise to work and "wake up" that part of my body. She never gives up.  3-1/2 years ago, she started training me in adult ballet. She thought it would help. Once again, i'm not a trained dancer. Between pilates and ballet class, I am now doing a real ballet barre and have learned to do chaîné turns. It's very hard work, totally worth it and tons of fun. Thank you Marisa :)

Barb D.

Marisa is an outstanding trainer. In 90 days, she has built muscle, improved alignment and rebuilt me from covid inactivity. Every session is unique, with her hyper focus on your unique body and capacities. Best of all, her workout is a joy. I have worked out before but never enjoyed it this much. She is absolutely the best. I cannot say enough good things.

C. B.

Marisa is cream of the crop. I started with an injured right shoulder,and lower back injury. It took a year of hard work and determination to feel 100% better.
She is like my second mom

Joe D.

Marisa is awesome! She’s helped me through everything in dance, with my injury, and just life in general. I get so excited to see her because her workouts make me feel empowered and strong, and she is always so kind and makes my days better. She truly cares about everyone she works with and their personal goals.

Ella L.

Top notch service, highest level of integrity. A service as good as you might find in a larger metropolitan area.

Chris A.

Marisa is a great instructor ! Never really enjoyed a workout session. But she makes a workout session fun time, a moving mindfulness time for me! Many thanks 😊

Carrie C.

Fantastic instruction from Marisa Cerveris!! Convenient location and flexible hours.

Jamie C.

Due to the virus, we’ve had to stay home for a while and marisa’s live online class was perfect to stay in shape! it was so in depth and really helped me to use the muscles I need to maintain for ballet.

Mai H.