Endless Summer

Smell the possibilities

Here it is… the day of the last final exam… the days of rising early, way too early, will soon only be a distant memory … until next year of course.

We look at our children, marveling at how time has flown, how quickly they are growing up, and, of course, how in the world are we going to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the summer?

For me, the cusp of summer, even more than the launch of a New Year, is an opportunity for reflection about the previous year. The opportunity for renewal and new beginnings is literally a fresh scent in the air.

Summer is a time in which our bodies are on full display  My Yankee grandma used to declare loud and clear who should not be wearing what, and with summer’s abbreviated clothing it becomes more evident than ever how our habits of nourishment and exercise either help or hurt us.

I’m hoping to take more time for myself this summer … to read more, to eat better and to exercise more, to take better care of myself.  I invite you to do the same .. and then do your happy dance!

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