Foot Care For Dancers And Mere Mortals Too

Blisters, calluses, bunions, oh my!

Yes, those precious baby toes that are just so scrumptious you could eat them up, later take the brunt of our abuse in the studio and on the street.

These are a few of the staples I always carried in my bag to be prepared for anything my toes could dish out. I've also provided links for you to purchase them on your own and give them a try.

*I have not received any compensation by these companies, nor been asked to endorse them.
 Second Skin Squares            Available on AMAZON
Moist Burn Pads           Available on AMAZON
Corn Pads
          Available on AMAZON
Sports Tape
          Available on AMAZON    

 Just in case you think a retired dancer can never reveal her toes ever again,            

 They look pretty good now thanks to all the tape and padding I used while I was dancing. Now if I could just stop running into things while I'm barefoot... 🙄  🩰 

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