How To Choose The Right Unitard?

With so  many designers creating their version of this versatile piece of apparel, both for fashion and activewear, it’s hard to know what to look for, especially if it’s your first unitard purchase.  From Victoria Beckham to Stella McCartney, everyone is getting on the bandwagon.  But have the designers ever worn a unitard for hours on end?  Do they really know what’s essential for comfort and performance?  Here is a little guide to help you figure out some of the things to look for, and why we think you should try our unitards along with the rest.


  •  Fabric
  • Stitch
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Made In USA

STYLE: No Camel Toe

Let's just get right to it, shall we? I mean, I ask you,
How can you be comfortable in a unitard with a center front seam?
And that's all I'm going to say about that, gals. You KNOW what I mean.

FABRIC: 87% Supplex® 13% Black Lycra®

The amount of Lycra in your unitard will determine the 'memory' of the fabric, and whether it will support you in comfort as you move.
Not all spandex is made by Lycra®, and most brands do not have the Lycra® dyed black before it is knit,
a process to avoid what the NFL calls 'grin through'. Read the labels when you shop.

STITCH: Move Free

We've added the newest innovative technical apparel stitch to our new collection of unitards.
It surpasses the average flatlock seam in strength, stretch, and comfort .
It takes longer to sew with this stitch, but we think it's worth it!



Look carefully to see if the fabric in the back of the unitard adheres to your spine. There's nothing worse than an ill- fitting torso length that adds bulk to your line by not adhering well.



As we age, we need a little more coverage near the front of the arm hole. I'm right there with you, so I like a little more fabric so ensure there's no side spillage.

Since its inception, SteelCore has always designed, manufactured, and shipped across the USA and abroad from right here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.​

Reviews of Past SteelCore Unitards

“Perfect unitard!  Absolutely brilliant!  It’s the best thing for partnering!”

“What I had been dreaming of: total comfort in a Bikram yoga class. I plan to order another one in an alternate color!”

“Super comfortable and the cut is the most flattering of any unitard I have worn. Would highly recommend:)”

“The boatneck unitard is quite possibly one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn.”
“The fit is flattering, it moves well with the body – surviving a Lyra class and staying in place and comfortable the whole time. I am so thrilled that I found Steel Core and took the chance on the unitard!”
“Best unitards on earth!!”
“I have danced in this unitard for over a decade and whenever I try something different I always come back to this one–it’s my standard.”


Pilates Method Alliance Attendees,
place your orders by October 19th
to ensure you look your best in Monterey.

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  • Jena Aldridge

    Got my first unitard! Actually 2. Marisa was so helpful and combined a small body with a medium top and they fit perfectly. So comfortable I want to wear it all of the time. The organic cotton boatneck is getting its first test run tonight at Pilates. Construction is really nice the fabric is wonderful. Thank you so much for the customization and great service.

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