How To Style A Unitard

KEEPIN' IT REAL: Dashing from From Street to Studio in New York City means you have to be ready for anything. Ready for your train to be late and run directly into class by peeling off layers, and ready to stop and have a drink on your way home in the evening and still look put together and chic. My friend and inspiration, Deborah Wingert Arkin danced with me in The New York City Ballet. Now she teaches at The Manhattan Movement and Arts Center on the Upper West Side as well as The Juilliard School, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and more. Often she has to dress and undress several times a day travelling from one studio to another, and she ALWAYS does it in style. Try some of her tips to dress up a basic black unitard.
Start With Base Layer
Step 2: Add a dress
Step 3: Accessorize

Car to Class in no time

Two of my students are professionals who can’t afford extra time on either side of a workout. They throw on one simple jacket and some cute shoes and they’re ready to jump into my studio and get right to work.

Short Jacket
Long Jacket
Unitard Legs

The question is: Do YOU?

Do YOU have the balls to rock a unitard? Fashion for the studio is just like fashion for the street. It is meant to make you feel strong, powerful and confident. That is why I make clothes for women. I want to support you in what you choose to do throughout your day. The first days of wearing a unitard you may want to drape a scarf around your hips, wear a long t-shirt, or layer with some baggy pants, but STILL you will feel held and supported with softness and comfort and warmth. 

Barb Has Balls

Full Disclosure

Versatile Unitard

This is absolutely NOT STAGED! I came home from teaching and had to run my dog Kayla to her vet appointment.

I wanted her to smell pretty so I jumped right into the shower with her, unitard and all.

My husband snapped this pic cause he thought I was a little crazy, but it’s THAT comfortable!

Now one thing about wearing your unitard to relax in at home,

it DOES show up Golden Retriever hair like crazy. Just be forewarned…

Happy relaxing!


Unitard At Rest

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