Layering Is Key

Sometimes my family just comes up with these ideas like to go on a 20 mile bike ride in December... in Eastern Pennsylvania. I mean who does that?? Okay, Okay, with the quarantine driving everyone nuts, I was willing to try anything, and an uphill (only 2% grade so let's not get crazy) I figured my 'ole dancer legs could manage it. 

My biggest problem for a new excursion is always  WHAT DO I WEAR? I mean, you've got to be be comfortable in my book- no matter what activity one is pursuing and part of being comfortable to me means being warm and cozy.

So after I taught a quickly rescheduled pilates lesson, I scurried home to pack tuna salad sandwiches and raid my inventory for items I could layer.

There they were. My favorite fuzzy leggings in cozy Brushed Supplex. Only 6 more pairs left in my size and I hesitated. What if my customers need them for holiday gifting, or holiday bike rides for that matter? The fabric is no longer being produced and I won't be able to make more! But folks, that's when a survival mechanism kicks in and I knew I had to have them. I ripped off the tags, ticked down my inventory and headed for the tops.

Now my go to top has always been a SkinSilk® raglan in basic black, and I have several of those in my drawer, but what I didn't have in tow was a salt and pepper scrumptious featherweight spacedye raglan that premiered at this time last year.  I generally wear my own samples as I design and like the shoemaker's son don't always have shoes at the ready. However, once again, my survival instinct said - "what the heck, my customers have plenty of colors to choose from here" and away I went to find my top layers.

What I Wore

 SpaceDye Raglan Top

Brushed Supplex® V Waist Leggings

SkinSilk® Raglan 

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