Let's Be Treehuggers Together

Let’s be treehuggers together.  That’s the call to action of sustainability blogger Larissa Swayze.

We wondered why we were suddenly getting lots of traffic directly from her blog.  So we checked it out.

Turns out she had written a well researched blog post about sustainable dance wear, and SteelCore was featured!  Read the FULL POST here.

Full disclosure:  we didn’t know Larissa, and were not aware of her sustainability blog, but now that we’ve found her, we really want YOU to know about her!

Check out her blog, Of Houses And Trees

Curious about what else was out there, we went on to discover Brooklyn-based Cynthia King VEGAN BALLET SLIPPERS

and if Ballroom is your thing,  ETHICALWARES  LAST DANCE COLLECTION  Vegan Ballroom Shoe may be just what you need.


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