The Unitard from 1915 to 2019

Did you know the first record of the unitard in performance is in 1915?!

Stacia Napierkowska, a French actress, dancer, and director who starred in the film serial “Les Vampires,” by Louis Feuillade.

It’s truly amazing to see this former Folies-Bergères dancer grace the stage in the black sleek unitard, indeed shocking for the time.

Pat Barto, who worked closely with Edith Head, designed the sexy suits for the Catwoman and Batgirl characters in 1966.


Remember from last week’s post, that Lycra had NOT been invented at this point.


Unitards on celebrities

From the 70’s and 80’s, rock stars and fitness stars sported the trendy one-piece, now beginning to be called ‘unitard’ and ‘onsie’, and their popularity grew into the 90’s. Then they sort of fell out of fashion … until …

... professional athletes picked up the trend and found that it enhanced their performance, while creating a flattering, long body line.

Loena Hendricks

We reached out to stunning skater Loena Hendricks, who rocked the rink at the 2018 Winter Olympics. When asked why she likes to wear unitards she said,quotes

I think it’s very elegant and shows your figure.  It’s easy and feels so comfy to wear.


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