Thinking Outside the Box


Kids naturally think ‘outside the box.’  They do it all the time, trying to stay up later, skip a day of school, avoid chores, spend their allowance.  They’re great at proffering all sorts of clever reasons of why, and how, and why not.  Our timeworn arguments often seem weak and redundant when challenged by fresh-eyed newbies.

Here at SteelCore, we faced our first ‘outside the box’ moment long ago, committing to environmentally-friendly and ethically produced materials, manufacturing, and products.  It’s our thing.  And we love that you’re making it your thing.

Last Spring, we had an intriguing request from a recording artist, whom we later discovered is ardently committed to peace and responsibility, “good manners, music and the arts.”  And thinking outside the box.

Bandleader Heidi Alexander, of the Earth Girl Helen Brown Center for Planetary Intelligence Bandwondered about the sizing of our organic cotton leotards.  She was concerned that we could outfit her band of two women and three men, for their upcoming album cover photos.  “No problem, we’re flattered you chose us,” we said, with a pinch of curiosity.

Sizing challenges were met, the leotards arrived, and the long and tedious process of preparing for the release of a new album continued.  When we received photos from their album shoot, we were delighted and bemused, impressed by the simple yet striking images in the photos.   Learning about the band’s platform, we are glad to have been a part of an “outside the box” event.  (Photography, Aeschleah DeMartino; Makeup, William Lemon)

Outside the Box thinking is what moves us ahead, lifts us from inaction, points to new achievements, and enhances our lives.  What if? … could we? … how else? … questions that lead to outside the box answers.

Have you had an outside the box moment today?  Own it!   Be proud of it!  Share it in our Comments section!



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