What Activewear To Bring When You Travel?


  1. The first thing I like to do is decide what is my basic color palette for the trip?
  2. Next I try figure out how many days I am truly likely to take class while I’m away?
  3. Of those days, how many of them will I find myself sweating in the company of others (ie: I don’t want to stink)
  4. How many days in between those exercise days will I have for laundry and how easy is it to wash and dry the things I plan to bring?
  5. What pieces can I bring that will work double duty and flow easily from studio to street?
  6. What pieces can I layer or remove as the weather changes?

Types of Activewear You Can Bring While Travelling

Rolling out of bed, this is the easiest thing to pull on in the hot summer. All I have to do is unroll my mat and I'm good to go! 


If I feel like joining a class, I have a layer to peel off and throw back on for travel to and from the studio.

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