Organic & Sustainable Fabrics


We were honored when Maria Rodale challenged us to recreate some of our products in organic cotton. When we couldn't find a sustainable fabric that would fit and perform as well as our current fabrics, Marisa began work with a textile chemist to create our special recipe of GOTS Certified Ringspun organic cotton and spandex. It is a superior quality organic cotton blend that works equally well for active and lifestyle clothing.  

SteelCore pays attention to the ‘not so small’ details like opacity, construction and fit. Our organic blend comes in three weights, and all are 4-way stretch. We knit our fabric in mills located in the USA (yes, they do still exist, and we want to keep them here) and of course all our design and production also happens here.

Organic Cotton

Available in three weights


   Lightweight     92% Organic Ringspun Cotton - 8% Spandex     297 gsm (10.5 oz)

tops, pedal pushers, loungewear          
       Midweight      90% Organic Ringspun Cotton - 10% Spandex    354 gsm (12.5 oz)
    leotards, unitards, capris, leggings
           Heavyweight    88% Organic Ringspun Cotton - 12% Spandex     413 gsm (14.6 oz)
      foldover waist yoga pants


        Micro Modal

        Knit In The USA

        Last year, we went back to our textile chemist in search of a silky, lightweight fabric only in black.

        A fabric to feel dramatic in, that could easily take you from day into evening. 

        Modal is a second generation regenerated cellulosic fiber, and a variation of rayon.

        Lenzing Modal® is made from sustainably harvested beech trees in PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes), certified European forests. 

        PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification organization.

        Modal fibers with a high wet modulus were originally developed in Japan in 1951.

        Lenzing started selling modal fibers in 1964.  In 1977, Lenzing started using an environmentally friendly bleaching method for pulp for their cellulosic fibers. 

        95% Micro Modal - 5% Spandex
        Soft and cool; eco-friendly
        Holds shape well; drapes easily

        Knit in the mills of the U.S.A
        Machine wash cool, line dry, cool iron if necessary 

        Rayon From Bamboo

        Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber, meaning that a natural raw material is converted through a chemical process into a fiber that falls into a category between naturals and synthetics. The source of cellulose can be wood, paper, cotton fiber or, in this case, bamboo ... a natural plant fiber that regenerates faster than the other plant fibers listed.


        67% Rayon from Bamboo 29% Cotton 4% Spandex
        Lightweight, with a soft hand; eco-friendly
        Breezy, cool and moisture-absorbent
        Imported from Canada
        Machine wash cool, line dry, cool iron if necessary 


        Don't Throw It Away!
        When a premier yoga brand (think of the most popular line with a fruit in its name )
        change fabrics or finish their run on bolts of fabric,
        remaining quantities of fabric are eventually discarded to local landfills.
         SteelCore, being a small company concerned about environmental issues,
        decided we would upcycle those leftover fabrics, before they were sent for discard.
         This practice continues our commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing,
        and allows us to produce limited runs of special items.  
        It's a win-win deal! 
        Available in assorted fiber compositions and combinations.