Use It or Lose It!

We’ve all heard that phrase.  Well, maybe not you young folks, yet.

Happily, when  you get to the age where you start to understand its true meaning, that phrase will be the impetus to get you out of the chair, walking, stretching, lifting, MOVING that body!  It’s the proven way to prolong your physical flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina.

But, Use It or Lose It is not only a physical challenge.  Mental flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina also requires attention, frequent use, and commitment to do more.  Exploring new ideas, discussing new thoughts, learning new skills, and experiencing more of the world we live in all helps to expand, develop, and grow our brains and our outlook.

It’s the challenge to all of us, regardless of our abilities or station in life, and in spite of daily demands or needs.  We each devise our methods and means to meet the challenge — solo, group, regular or infrequent, backyard, class, or studio — and I’ll bet we all can acknowledge the impact it has on our physical and mental health.

See you on our travels!  Meet you in the gym, on a trip, in the library, or volunteering in the community!  We’d love to hear how you Use It or Lose It.

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