Founder, Designer, Instructor:

Marisa Cerveris

Marisa, a dedicated practitioner of Pilates for nearly four decades, brings a wealth of experience to her role as the founder and owner of our studio. Her journey in Pilates began as an essential component of her training with The New York City Ballet. During this time, Marisa had the privilege of learning from several Pilates elders who had directly studied under Joe Pilates himself.

With a career that took her around the world, performing with various professional dance companies, Marisa had the opportunity to immerse herself in different styles of Pilates practice. This exposure allowed her to develop her own unique teaching style deeply influenced by her background in dance.

While Marisa received formal teacher training from Ellie Herman, her commitment to continuous learning sees her regularly studying with teachers both locally and internationally. Her years as a professional ballerina instilled in her the belief that true strength originates from within, a philosophy she feels Pilates perfectly embodies.

At our studio, Marisa's expertise and passion for Pilates guide our clients toward a path of strength, flexibility, and inner empowerment.

Welcoming New Instructor:

Maria Dieser

Maria, originally hailing from Long Island, New York, has recently become a part of the Lehigh Valley community. Her journey here is fueled by her deep connection to the world of dance and her extensive experience with Pilates. Having integrated Pilates into her own life and reaped its benefits, she pursued formal teacher training at Core Pilates in New York City.

With a busy life that includes raising three young children with her husband, Maria remains dedicated to her passion for health and wellness. She firmly believes that Pilates can be a transformative force, fostering balance in one's life across mind, body, and spirit. Maria is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and helping you discover that balance too.